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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blood in Mumbai - War of modern times

Finally a story, which has always been thrilling us, has come to a reality. And to be frank the Film Directors were not creative enough to imagine something like which is happening in Mumbai! A bunch of people loaded with weapons landing into the mainland of India in a small boat and terrorising crores of people , completely stopping the life of one of the biggest city in the world in 21st century. These people are terrorists for crores of people in the world, but may be heroes for a group of very few people. Doesn't matter what is the exact motive of those people creating such a horrible act, but the main question is when is this going to end? Or is it just the beginning of a real war?

2008, a year India will always remeber for maximum number of tesrrorist acts. Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Guwahati, Mumbai ...What's next? I feel there will not be full stop for this. The history of human society will change. The history of wars started with the clashes of various civilizations, then wars among the kings...wars for colonialism..wars between countries and finally this is the type of war wae witnessing in recent days. Population rise, struggle for life, demands of life, demands of technology, demands of civilization has twisted our minds! Human civilization is running lack of space, lack of resources, lack of on. It is going to be a part of human evolution....It may be starting here in India, but it will spread across the world.....We running too much after money, status, power, technology, status..just forgetting the basics of social ethics like patience, honesty and value of life!

I hope, before politics, media, internet start pointing fingers to one another, we will stand together and work towards a peaceful world!

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